Most petition video footage culled from THORIUM REMIX 2011 which was relased under Creative Commons Share-Alike licence. Neither Kirk Sorensen, nor Flibe Energy was involved in the creation of this petition.
Kirk Sorensen's explanation of why Thorium Molten Salt Reactor (/LFTR) research was halted in 1974 came from a Google Tech Talk called "The Thorium Molten-Salt Reactor: Why Didn't This Happen?" I have received permission from Kirk Sorensen to recycle this footage, despite it not being Creative Commons licensed.
Bill Gates footage came from a variety of sources. Gates does an excellent job of articulating the need for innovation in nuclear power. He is aware of Thorium Molten Salt Reactor / Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, but is currently focused on Travelling Wave Reactor. Used without permission.
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